When life gives you flyers

Flyers… At first glance they may seem like the most mundane yet necessary evil in the field of graphic design. Not if you approach it in the right way! Pair with a badass copywriter and create “Tinder“ for wine and snacks or a “marketplace“ where fruit & veggies literally speak for themselves. Below are the before and after of the flyers for the 99 Cents Only Stores. I am proud to have designed, photographed and cocepted for both the Wine and Produce Flyers. The unsurpassed success of both has set the brand on the path to investing into more category specific print assets (Pets, Beauty etc.)

Pinot Noir is making the move :)

Pinot Noir is making the move :)

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 10.57.04 PM.png
produce flyer.jpg

Concept sketches



flyers before.jpg


Creative directors: Eric Boisvert, Nate Dolce
Art directors: Youna Jang, Stephanie Kuga
Copywriter: Linda Birkenstock
Co-photographer & Retoucher (Produce Flyer): Sam Nava
Photographer (Wine Flyer cover): Jason Travis