cards, bags & two smoking barrels

Design requests (day to day design needs of the brand) were a big part of my work at Meaningful Works. But don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of the matter at hand… For among the “rocks“ there were some true golden nuggets that required lots of creative juices and craftsmanship.

99 Cents Only Stores has tasked Meaningful Works with redesigning gift cards and reusable bags so that they align with the new brand identity of the business. My job as a designer was to make sure that there is a clear hierarchy when it comes to different values of the cards ($10, $25 and $50), that they are easy to shop for the customer and to refill for the store employees while maintaining the quirky and fun visual language. I worked with the client directly to present directions, get feedback and implement it into the design process as well as communicated with the vendors to prepare the files for production.


Gift card lineup

190624_99_Gift Cards_Display.jpg


Designs that didn’t make it.



reusable bag lineups

Miami Vice.jpg

reusable bags before

reusable bags old2.jpg


Creative directors: Eric Boisvert, Nate Dolce
Art director: Stephanie Kuga
Illustrators: Bryant Santamaria, Arian Lobon
Copywriter: Linda Birkenstock
Co-photographer & Retoucher: Sam Nava