My Favorite Number

The 99 Cents Only Stores uses knolls (an organized arrangement of products where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) as a visual representation of the brand. I was the photographer for the knolls below and was part of the process: concepting, building, styling, retouching, etc.

99 shelves.jpg
Bananas long.jpg
coffee knoll zoom.jpg
produce positive knoll.jpg
bbq chips.jpg

Process & behind the scenes


Creative directors: Eric Boisvert, Nate Dolce
Art directors: Youna Jang, Stephanie Kuga
Stylists: Tamara Gurevich, Tiffany Smith, Hannah Canvasser
Co-photographer (Produce & Bananas): Sam Nava
Retouchers (Produce & Bananas): Sam Nava, Jason Travis